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Custom Steel Homes - Alternative Green Housing

Custom Building Homes Green Steel BuildingsCustom energy efficient steel homes and green residential steel buildings. Today more and more homeowners are looking for alternative housing options. With the higher costs of traditional building materials, our prefabricated steel buildings are a smart solution to an alternative custom home. Get more value for your dollar!

Steel is the most recycled material in the world! Since it is a fully recyclable and renewable building material, it is an environmentally friendly option for construction materials.

Our steel buildings are as beautiful as they are strong. Contractors and do-it-yourself builders all appreciate our simple bolt together design. Fast, simple assembly means you can start enjoying your prefab steel home in much less time than traditional wood frame construction!

Green HomesPre-engineered design make your residential steel home a breeze to construct. Superior materials make for a zero maintenance environment. Since all the parts are precision made, there is little to no waste on the jobsite making our custom green steel homes not only economical, but an environmentally friendly building option.

Our pre-fab steel buildings are designed to meet the harshest weather conditions on the planet. In northern Canada and Alaska our buildings are used extensively to shelter residents from the harsh winter conditions and blizzards. On the coasts of FL, LA, AL, MS, and TX our buildings are used for hurricane resistant homes. Most of our models are rated for up to 160 mph winds! That's a category 5 hurricane! Our steel buildings will keep your property and your family safe.

Steel HomesOur custom steel home building kits meet and exceed all local codes. We include engineering and detailed construction manuals with every order so pulling permits is a snap!

Galvalume Steel - Keep it cool! Our Energy Star rated Galvalume steel saves you energy costs! EPA standards require that a roofing material must have an initial reflectance greater than or equal to 0.65 and maintain a reflectance of greater than or equal to 0.50 after 3 years weathering on a roof. Our high quality 100% American Made Galvalume maintained an average of 0.78 initial reflectivity and 0.58 weathered reflectivity. All results are well above EPA Energy Star standards for energy efficient roofing materials. Better heat reflectivity means lower energy costs!

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