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Coating: "Galvalume" is the registered trade name for a patented sheet steel product having a coating of corrosion-resistant aluminum-zinc alloy applied by a continuous hot dipping process. The alloy coating of aluminum and zinc provides an optimum balance between (a) the long-term general corrosion resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance and heat reflectivity of aluminum, and (b) the galvanic protection of zinc at scratches and cut edges.
Coating: The composition of the Galvalume sheet coating is typically 55% aluminum, 1.6% silicon and the balance zinc, nominal percentages by weight.
The product is described in ASTM Specification A 792 and is available in three coating weights:
  • ASTM Designation AZ50 AZ55 AZ60
  • Triple Spot Average Minimum oz/sq ft 0.50 0.55 0.60
  • Single Spot Minimum oz/sq ft 0.43 0.50 0.52

A nominal coating weight of 0.50 oz/sq ft (total both sides) is equivalent to 0.8 mil thickness per side.

Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance: Based on 30-year atmospheric test results, it is estimated that Galvalume sheet will outlast G90 galvanized by two to four times in marine, industrial and rural atmospheres. When compared to aluminum coated sheet steel, Galvalume sheet has superior corrosion resistance at sheared edges.

Salt Spray Corrosion Resistance: With cut edges protected, the coating on Galvalume sheet steel lasts five to ten times longer than the coating on G90 galvanized. In salt spray tests conducted with bare cut edges exposed, the corrosion resistance is typically three to four times that of G90 galvanized.

High Temperature Behavior: Bare Galvalume sheet can be used at temperatures up to 600F without discoloration and up to 1250F without heavy oxidation and scaling. Prolonged exposure to temperatures above 600F can result in changes to the base metal characteristics of conventional Galvalume sheet. Galvalume H.T. Sheet (UL listed) will resist base metal change. Galvalume sheet applications subjected to these temperatures should be reviewed with a Bethlehem Sales representative.

Galvalume sheet conforms to the requirements of ASTM Specification A 792. Galvalume sheet is a component recognized by the American Gas Association and by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. under File No. MH9372. Galvalume sheet is conditionally warranted against rupture, structural failure or perforation due to corrosion for a period of up to 25 years and six months when used for building panel applications.


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