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Steel Building Wall Panel and Trim Colors

The next generation silicone-polyester coating system is here! Engineered to provide a 40-year film integrity warranty against peeling, flaking or loss of adhesion, these coatings also offer high solar reflectivity in medium and dark colors! The coatings dramatically reduce energy consumption and associated costs in all climates.

Our panels outperform similar coatings based on real-world exposure testing in South Florida. Their use of proprietary resin technology and ceramic pigments provide exceptional exterior durability as well as energy savings. Panels are available in a full spectrum of colors with a 30-year performance warranty covering chalking and fading. Coatings accommodate "cool" technology and "green building" compliance.

These coatings are recognized as the highest quality in the industry. Adhering to tight quality control procedures, they meet and exceed specifications and standards set forth by the American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM) and ISO 9001 certification.

Chocolate Brown

Pearl Gray

Polar White


Charcoal Grey

Burnished Slate

Sahara Tan

Fern Green

Rustic Red

Hawaiian Blue

Gallery Blue

Brite Red

Galvalume Roofing
 In addition to the above color choices, we offer an highly durable Galvalume Roof System. Our Galvalume roofs are tested for heat reflectivity, and all results scored well above industry standards for roofing materials.