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S-Series - Straight Sides, Round Roof - Commercial - Industrial

Available in widths from 20' up to 50'. Super tough, super durable and super versatile, these are some of the reasons why our S-Series buildings are used by so many for so many different applications. The S-series has a straight sidewall, so you don't lose any clearance on the interior of the building. Pair that with the arched roof (strongest design) and you have an unbelievably versatile structure that offers wide open, clearpan interiors. 

Horse Stalls

Superior durability that channels away heavy snow or rain, a 30-year perforation-resistance guarantee... these are just a few of the many features that, by far, make our S-Series the number one steel building today. They are most preferred by commercial and industrial shop owners, by recreational vehicle and boat owners, by farmers and by truckers of all kinds to protect their valuable investments whether it be a pick-up, RV, or an 18-wheeler. Available in sizes that range from 16 to 50 ft. wide with unlimited lengths, these versatile, highly economical buildings are also ideal for use as workshops that are virtually maintenance free.

Steel Garage

You can easily use your S-Series building as an airport fueling garage, 18-wheeler repair shop, a horse stable, or a fire department garage.

Comprised entirely of AZ55 (metric = AZ180) Galvalume coated steel, a special steel alloy containing aluminum and zinc that is seven times more rust resistant than Galvanized steel and designed by the best engineering professionals, it's no wonder that our buildings are considered superior to all others.

Industrial Building

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Each S-Series building is remarkably affordable due in part to a high technology manufacturing process and the building's unique design requiring less labor to produce. They are easy to erect by simply bolting the panels together and can be built without the need for special tools or equipment by as few as four people in as little as three days. All S-Series buildings are shipped with an easy-to-follow assembly manual.

Each of   our buildings is designed and tested to the highest standards of quality and is engineered to withstand the worst that Mother Nature has to offer including heavy snow, hurricanes, tornadoes and even earthquakes. 

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To find out if the 'S' Series fits your needs, contact us.  We have the lowest prices in the industry! Guaranteed! Click here to get more info on our steel building prices.

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If a S-Series building doesn't meet your needs, we have many other models you can choose from. Also, we have many accessories that may help to meet any additional requirements you may have. 


Heavy Duty Commercial GALVALUME Coated Steel
Seven Times More Rust Resistant Than Galvanized!Steel Building Construction Panel Details

Two simple concrete bases that are used for all Steel Factory Mfg buildings are easy and inexpensive to install. We even provide the manual and prints!Steel Building Construction Foundation Options

Quick Simple Assembly in 4 Easy Steps!
Just follow our step by step instructions!

Steel Building Construction Steel Building Construction Steel Building Construction Steel Building Construction
Step 1:
Pour a simple
floating foundation
Step 2:
Bolt arches together
on the ground
Step 3:
Raise the arches
into place
Step 4:
Install doors and
end walls

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